Meet Frances Cahill

BA (Hons)  |  1st Cert IV TAA, Cert IV Small Business Management

Hi and welcome.

You may have noticed that Aunt Em has had a makeover. Sit down and make yourself comfortable as I tell you a story.

Once upon a time, many (many … many … many) years ago, I entered the fascinating world of linguistics in my young days as a fresh-eyed uni student. I loved how language whispers of history … if you know how to hear its silent sighs.

Post uni, my career took an interesting diversion for over 28 years into public administration (shades of the Lotus Eaters anyone?), where I was a Senior Ministerials Writer in the Australian Public Sector amongst other positions working with words and numbers.

My career also included stints at Radio 2EA and SBS TV, living in Aurukun, Western Cape York for five months and performing the ‘blue-footed-booby-will-you-marry-me-dance’ in front of a group of Tasmanian local politicians and dignitaries as a Joey Scout leader.

And then, one day – my passion for words and helping to create articulate and confident adults, teens and kids, could no longer be silenced. It was time.

I leapt out into the world beyond red tape – and promptly opened a kids & teens drama academy (Helen O’Grady) on the Sunshine Coast, while simultaneously helping adults develop their confidence in their written and spoken communication skills.

I am back in Brisbane and shouting from the rooftops: “Grammar is not a four letter word! It can be fun. It can be easy. It can be (dare I say it) enjoyable.”

I help people on their journey to find their truest self. To discover their confidence and what they are capable of.

Why the makeover for Aunt Em? It was time to stop hiding behind a character and role, and come back to my true self. After all, being authentic is a key part of what I teach.