Writing training skillsWriting Skills Training & Coaching

Good business writing is not a natural talent. This crucial skill set can be learned and will help you:

  • approach your writing tasks with confidence
  • prepare and deliver material with professionalism
  • reduce the need for rewriting never ending reviews by your bosses
  • get it right first time around without blowing up your deadlines
  • understand how to construct and develop reasoned arguments that win others to your point of view.

And best of all – you will erase those horrid memories of English in school and finally understand and actually enjoy grammar and writing.

One-on-One Writing Coaching

Want to improve your writing (without anyone else looking?) Aunt Em offers private one-on-one writing coaching and writing skills training so you can confidently create effective words, letters, reports and essays in a business setting.

Areas we explore through your coaching:

  • how to unpack the topic so you know what you are writing about.
  • research and planning so your arguments have a solid foundation.
  • structure and development of your document so that the words flow like a hot knife through butter.
  • grammar and punctuation so you don’t get attacked by the red pen fairy (explained in a way that doesn’t sound like a dictionary talking or make you want to ask to buy a vowel).
  • editing and proofreading to tighten up your words and find mistakes before they find you.
  • language analysis so you write it a way that your audience can understand.


Writing Skills Courses

Looking for in-house courses or workshops to help your staff improve their writing? We offer a number of different courses that are designed to deliver fast results in a short space of time.

Grammar for Grown Ups (2 hour workshop)

Verbs, commas and participles will become your friends in this intensive two hour workshop.

You will get a compass for the maze of syntax and semantics, and the rules of grammar will be demystified. Some memory hints for spelling will also be on offer.

Paragraphs: Friend or Foe? (2 hour workshop)

Do sentences and paragraphs seem like enemies when you sit down to write?

This two hour intensive workshop will offer practical solutions to producing clear and effective documents.

Good writing communication skills are highly regarded in the business sector. Writing skills are not a natural talent but can be learned.  You will be given an introduction to a number of tools and tips to help you write more effectively.

Argue your case: advanced writing skills training (half day workshop)

Has writing always been a chore and a bore? Learn the skills to approach any task with confidence. This comprehensive workshop gives you the tools to free you from the burden of stubborn blank pages and frustrating rewrites. Come along and be surprised!

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A word from past participants

I found the material excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am glad I attended.

– Judy 

Easy to understand trainer, good delivery. Top job!

– Stephen